Wednesday, 9 November 2005


It was almost 3 years ago when I got sooo close to this beautiful mount and its amazing surrounding environment.. the only downside was that I was 5 months pregnant when I went on the trip..

However, I still would like to return to Lombok one day, and hopefully.. at that time, I can have enough time to, at least, stand on the 'base' of Mount Rinjani.. That is my dream.. :-)

You want to know what I want more (if I can dream a little bit more..) .. I hope Ariq is ready to come on the hike with me.. :-) That is an even better dream..

Rinjani from a distance
Lombok, December 2002

Monday, 7 November 2005

My thoughts today..

My thoughts are pretty much going one-way today.. and they are going to the 'earthy' adventures that I used to do a quite lot in my past..

I have made a lot of friendships, gone through a lot of changes in my life and came across many events that helped me grow up in my struggle to be a better person!!

Lately, this kind of adventures are so hard to plan/do. Being away from home and not having the friends and equipment close-by, does make it harder to make any plan.. not to mention the local situation in Yemen that I am not really familiar with, that makes me feel unsure to do any far-from-home trips.

Having said all that, I can only remember all the memories I have throughout the years.. My first camping experience, my first hike, my first fall (down the cliff), my first absailing experience (how I discovered that I was naturally a 'lefty'), and.. all the friends who were with me when all these memories took place..

There were times of smiles and laughs.. also times of disagreements and frustations.. Buutt, when all the fragments of time are put in a single row.. it always ends with one single word.. FUN!!

I really miss the sound of crickets from the time when the sun sets, until a little while before the sun rises..
And I miss the feel of the falling dew, which leaves the ground (and everything that was left unattended overnight) damp and wet the next morning..
I also miss the late-night cups of tea or coffee with hot noodle soup while preparing for the next day activities..
And.. I miss my friends who always kept me up-and-running at full speed, regardless how little rest I have had during the camp.. :-)

Sometimes I wonder if I ever will go on one of these adventures again.. and I wonder if I will keep missing those times like I do now.. Or one day all these memories will slowly vanish from my mind just like a brush of wind going past the leaves on a tree..

All I can hope is that I can keep all the friendships I have had and share the memories we once had of our dreams come true.. and keep believing that we have learnt from our adventures and togetherness to keep trying to be a better person every day!!

To all my scouts & guides friends in Indonesia.. :-))) .. MISS YOU ALL!!!

Thursday, 3 November 2005

My other 'page' ...

If you cannot find anything for quite some time in this blog... then.. you can try to find news about me and my family in my friendster blog..

I am keeping both blogs sooo... please browse both.. :-)))

See you around!!


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