Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Blog modification will commence again

I just read in a newly published book (the book is in Indonesian, and I can't see it anywhere at the moment), that having a left sidebar on a blog does not help search engines to find the blog when someone searches for keywords.

This might be the reason why since I changed the template of my blog, the impressions and clicks on my blogs went down significantly (my adsense reporting wasn't that much to start with, now it's almost nothing at all)..

Now I have to try to find a way to keep my blog interesting and informative while bearing my personality, and at the same time, letting search engine find it easily.

Let's see, how much better I can make my blog this time. I know it will be great to actually earn some money from adsense, but the most importantly, I really want to learn how to build a good blog, both from content side and format side (artistically and financially).

I will come back with the title and author of the book I was talking about.. :-)

See you soon!

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