Thursday, 11 March 2010

Some improvements..

Hi Everyone..

I hope you have been having a nice week and looking forward to a beautiful weekend.. ;-)

Writing heavy stuff or sitting too long in front of the computer keep giving me contraction (as can be expected during the final trimester of pregnancy).. so, I will be 'living on the lighter side' for most of the time during the next few weeks.. ;-)

The geckos are surviving well in our back porch, as I found the third one the other day.. and Aza has learned to stand up to Ariq.

I have also caught another lesson from nature.. which came up in the form of a poem as I woke up yesterday morning..

Before my days became a little 'heavy', I managed to translate a very interesting article about saving when shopping in the grocery store. Ini artikelnya dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Other than these.. I have also done some changes in my blogs. Blogger always comes up with new applications, and I enjoy exploring them. Now, you can browse through the most current posting in each of my blogs and the blogs I follow as snippets including the pictures where available.

Please have a look around, and I'll see you next time.. ;-)

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