Sunday, 30 August 2009

Glory In The House of Past Evil

With all due respect for all Gryffindor admirers.. I am probably one of the rare people who thinks of Severus Snape as my favourite character in the Harry Potter series and that combination of emerald and silver looks brilliant as coat of arms..

I wrote this poem inspired by the ending of the 7th book, which gave me the imagination of what might happen afterwards.. I hope I'm not upsetting J. K. Rowling with this poem (if she ever came across this poem one day) because I love the series..

For all of you.. I hope you can enjoy this poem as much as I do..

Glory in The House of Past Evil

It was the first night of new school year in Hogwarts

Twenty-one years after the darkest eclipse of wizarding world

The final battle of good and evil

Where lives started at their ends

Carving shame on the House of The Serpent..

As the sorting ceremony went on, loud and clear a name was called

And Lily Potter walked confidently towards the hat of wisdom

Accompanied by her brothers’ cheers, she was ready to face her destiny

Intense gaze of Scorpius Malfoy followed her every step

Not knowing the reason why, she looked very special in his eyes..

It was the longest sorting in Hogwarts’ history, for even Albus Severus was Gryffindor at heart

She possessed qualities to fit each house,

Yet she presented no preference, at least not in her conscious mind

For she was well taught of the glory of them all

Truly she was a Hogwarts girl

The old hat frowned as it finally met its biggest challenge

“I see courage and loyalty.. excellent for Gryffindor,”

“I see depth of mind and thirst for knowledge.. best matches for Ravenclaw,”

“I see perseverance and kindness.. perfect for Hufflepuff,”

“The stronger yet.. I see glory in fairness and balance.. mostly needed.. mostly needed..”

“Cunning.. witty.. driven.. A very interesting combination for a Potter”

“Dad says I’m resourceful.. Mum says I’m inquisitive,” replied Lily

“You know my decision and have unknowingly accepted it.. How about your family?”

“They will accept it. They love me.”

“Indeed they do.. Then it is decided.. SLYTHERIN!”

The dining hall was full of gasps followed by complete silence

All eyes were fixed on the girl who calmly walked away from the now silent hat

Scorpius Malfoy was the only one standing, and clapping

As he saved a seat for her right next to his

Then the room broke into cheers and applause for the first Potter in the House of Secrets

.. Now seven years had passed. The sky was full of stars on graduation night

“Do we have your father’s blessing?“ asked Lily

“Not that he liked any bit of it, he knew it was bound to happen,” replied Scorpius

“The next five years won’t be so hard, then..” said Lily

“It won’t,” said Scorpius as they looked deeply into each other’s eyes.. in happiness..

Even with blessings from their families, life was always full of challenges for them

Courage, strength of the mind, perseverance.. all were put to tests

Loyalty, knowledge and kindness.. were the most powerful shields and weapons

Fairness and balance were the sources of happiness in the long journey to protect love

And their love echoed at every memory conjuring their glorious phoenix patronuses

.. Finally the time had come for another event of history to take place

The wedding that marked the new era of Hogwarts and wizarding world

A room covered in ornaments of Emerald and Silver, full of cheering Potters, Weasleys and Malfoys

Perfect sight of balance in harmonious co-existence

At last, glory had returned to the House of Past Evil..

(24 August 2009)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

This Week's Update

1. I have new poems and stories posted in my storyland blog
2. I have also put some news in my journal blog

I am hoping to put up some new pictures and more news.. I have also invited new authors for my favourite and bersama kita sehat blogs. I hope the new authors will accept my invitations and start writing at their first convenience :-)

I will put up more posts in my other blogs as soon as I have ideas and the time permits. So, please bear with me..

Thank you and see you later!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Welcome Ramadhan..

Ramadhan (fasting month) is starting tomorrow..

It is the time for muslims to forgive each other, cleanse oneself from past mistakes and do better in the future..

If I ever do anything that make any of you feel uncomfortable, or even angry.. at this moment I will ask you to forgive me, so I can enter the month of Ramadhan without any burden from my past..

Hope our fast will be full of blessing.. :-)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Short Children Stories

A conversation with a friend late this morning gave me an idea of some very short stories to start introducing children to reading and English.

I will however need one (or more) great children story illustrator(s) to help me make the story more interesting and educative for children. If you think you can make my stories look, feel and sound (when read) better with your simple and fun illustrations/pictures, by all means, please let me know, so I can include your pictures in the story.

I have to tell you straight up front that this is not a paid project. I am really doing it for the purpose of sharing with other parents on how to start introducing children to reading and English through interesting stories.

Please look for my very short children stories in my blog 'Orcalion's Storyland'. I will also put a link on my blog 'Space for Sharing'. I am sure that once you have read one of the stories, you will agree with me that participating in making these stories better would need no financial motivation.. ;-)

Thank you and enjoy!

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