Monday, 24 March 2008

Fatin Hafiizh Ariadhani

Another baby boy in the big family.. Moeniq & Aji's baby, Fatin Hafiizh Ariadhani, born on 16 March 08. Weight 2.9 kg, Height 50 cm.
Welcome Little One :-)

Cute moment

Aza and Baba Men (Bapak Superman).. Before going to bed..

Sunday, 23 March 2008

My 2 babies..

Ariq Fatahillah & Andika Zaffar

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Just playing with the phone's camera

We were getting bored waiting for that 'Antique Car' ride.. So, we just started taking pictures with the phone's camera..

Everyone was staring at us, but who cares? We were just being silly and having fun!

The hanging bridge..

The hanging bridge.. It shakes as people are crossing on it..

Nice view..

Found a nice spot for taking picture.. In Genting Theme Park..

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Cute T-Rex

This is Ariq's creative piece for the day.. A T-Rex from clothes pegs.. Very cute..

Pay Per Post

After the very long search for the right site, I finally found the website that I'm looking for! A website where I can blog about the things I love and do reviews on subjects I know or interested in. And.. I'm getting paid to do those things!

I found Pay Per Post (PPP) for the first time when I was checking my emails and the advertisement popped up and I signed up straight away. What I love the most about PPP is that there are a lot of interesting opportunities to write on and there are a lot of other good and interesting blogs to read and learn from.

This is still very early in my subscription in PPP but, I have already learned a few important things, e.g. if my friends are interested in subscribing, they can be paid to review my posts and to have their posts reviewed by others. They can also be paid to write and make review about the things they like.

My dream is to be able to stay close to my children (especially because my husband often has job offers overseas) and still has income for myself and to spend it on my discretion. I know I can achieve it with PPP. drive traffic

I believe that PPP is a very good site for anyone who wants to find the opportunities to write and have better knowledge about various things they love.

Happy blogging!

The Rain and The Flood.. in the bedroom..

Ariq was feeling very energetic yesterday (Tuesday, 18 March 08), so we decided to go out in the afternoon. His father had an upgrade schedule (he works as GPRS staff) the previous night, so, we stayed at home in the morning, while he was catching up with some sleep.

I managed to do some washing and ironing after breakfast. I felt really good when I finished hanging all the washed clothes on the balcony to dry.

When Ahmad woke up, we got ready and then, went with him on his way to work to be dropped off at 1 Utama shopping centre. I wanted to find some things to take home for Aza and Irfan, while Ariq wanted to have a look at toys.

Anyway.. it was bright and sunny when we left. But, having lived in tropical climate almost all my life (and have experienced many rainy seasons..) I should have known better!!

I heard the thunder when we were still at the shopping centre, but I didn't quite imagine how bad it was at home..

We came home later that afternoon to find that all the clothes hanging to dry were wetter than when they were taken out of the washing machine! And worse still, the rain came in to the bedroom from the open window!!.. leaving the mattress all wet to the ground..

So, when bed time comes, Ariq and I were squeezing on one small mattress that was dry. My husband had to continue the upgrade and decided to take the couch when he arrived home at dawn.

What a rain.. what a flood..

A Big Pile of Rock in Genting Theme Park

Sunday, 16 March 2008.. Dinosaur Park, Genting Highland Theme Park.

This pile of stones caught my eyes.. The fact it was shaped like a cave opening, with a tree on top of it amazed me.

The pile was located inside the Dinosaur Park. It was like a mini Jurassic Park, only all the dinosaurs were stones.. Not living ones like in the movies..

Somehow, the pile of stones reminded me of Hanging Rock in Victoria, Australia.. Hmm.. I might tell you the legend, when I can get my memory right :-)

White Tiger

The beatiful white tiger.. Really Beautiful..

It belong to 'Dreamz'.. The performance group performing nightly in the 'Pavilion', at Genting Indoor Theme Park..

Monday, 17 March 2008

Just another quiet day at home..

I was going to take Ariq out and about.. but, after the whole-day trip yesterday, he is now exhausted and feels like staying at home again.

I'm making stir fry broccoli tonight for Ariq.. I'm sure it will make him eat a big dinner!!


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Deep Inside

Deep inside..

I know that I can't always have what I want

Because what I want is not always the best for me..

Deep inside..

I know that I still have a lot to learn about living

Because often I still don't gain understanding quickly..

Deep inside..

When I find a little peace to look into myself

I know that all I've been trying to do is to be me..

-17 March 2004-

A Lovely Day

A lovely day

is when I wake up with a smile on my face

fresh from yesterday's worries

free from midnight's fears

A lovely day

is when I find the courage to face the day

with a clear mind to follow my dreams

and a kind heart to forgive mistakes

A lovely day

is when I see the future in children's eyes

feel the strength of their innocent minds

and being healed by their joyful laughs

-14 March 2008-

Yesterday's Journal

Sat 3/15/2008 12:35 PM

Almost going back to high school science..
My 5-year-old son, Ariq was very excited yesterday about being in KL. We went out all day and he had a really good time.

When we took him to a toy store (as the last destination for the day), he chose a science lab set, which consisted of a microscope and a telescope, and little things that went with those, e.g. tubes, laminated animal fur, etc.

Today, originally we were planning on going to Genting Highland. It is a resort and recreational area, which is very famous in Malaysia. It has a very big theme park and a casino. The theme park also has a big water park.

We ended up cancelling the trip since Ariq woke up really late and he said that he felt like staying home today, and to go to the highland tomorrow instead. I was feeling a bit tired from the flight and the whole-day out and about yesterday too, so I could understand Ariq's reluctance to do a long trip. Therefore, we decided to stay at home.

While my husband was playing Warcraft, Ariq and I started to play with the lab set. First, we tried the microscope, and WOW! Even though it was just a play set, but it was close enough to real thing! I started showing him, how things looked bigger when seen through a microscope, and he loved it.

Later on, Ariq moved on to the telescope. He was really excited when he successfully aimed the scope to a faraway house and had a clear view.

I told him that the first time I used microscope was when I was in grade 7 or 8, and he couldn't believe it. He kept asking my husband about it, "Did mum first use this when she was in high school?" and my husband kept saying 'yes' to him. It was even more unbelievable to him when I told him that today was the first time I looked into a telescope!

We continued playing with the tools as Ariq kept asking me what the little things (tubes, petri bowl, scalpel, etc.) were for. As I was answering his questions and explaining things to him, I really felt like going back to high school science lab. Only this time, I'm the one being asked all the questions!

A nice day at home after all..

Two days ago..

Fri 3/14/2008 11:16 AM

Delicious Thai Steamboat in Kuala Lumpur..
If anyone of you like Thai Steamboat.. and if you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur..

Johnny's.. in 1 Utama (read: one utama) Shopping Centre, has a really nice one.

That'll be my quick journal for the day. I'll point out tomorrow's interesting points when I can sit in front of the computer.

See you later!

A Full Day of Adventure

This morning, Ariq was ready for a big adventure. At 11.00, we were on our way to Genting Highland. Traffic was busy but not heavily packed, so, the journey didn't take longer than it should. We arrived around lunch time and we went to the food area as soon as we parked the car.

Nothing really special about the lunch. Fish and chips, fried chicken and rice (instead of fries.. a south-east asian way ), and pepsi. The only interesting part was, the chain was 'Marry Brown'.. its slogan was 'Something Different' .. and the food was a bit different. It had a local chilli sauce and side dishes. Something different..

After that, we went on rides.. Ariq's favourite (as always) was the kiddie coaster.. well, it wasn't really kiddie, as it went quite fast, far and high. It just didn't make people go upside down. The shape of the ride was a dragon. He went on it twice. The first time we went together, the three of us, and the second time it was only Ariq and me.

The Theme Park wasn't as big as Disneyland (not even as big as the Fantasy World in Jakarta), but, the rides were of the newer kinds. There was this 2-storey carrousel, where on the top storey, the rides were facing backwards (not sure of the intention) and a roller coaster ride with Spiderman theme, where people lie down on their tummies in a cage-like carts.. the movements, as can be imagined, are paragliding-like with an upside down turn every now and then!

Another interesting thing about this theme park, it had 2 areas, the outdoor and indoor ones. each one has rides, food stalls, performance centres (for illusions, music concerts, etc.) and other attractions (Ripley's gallery, Haunted House-at the moment is Van Helsing, etc.). The outdoor one used a daily ticket, while the indoor one used a per-ride ticket.

We decided to call it a day at 4.30. We went through the indoor theme park to go the car park.

On the way, we spotted the 'Van Helsing 3-D Live Experience' and Ariq insisted on going in. We asked the attendant, and he said the attraction was alright for him. So, we went in. Ariq was excited at first, with the elevator thing, where we were moving up while standing on steps.

He was still excited when he started seeing the glow in the dark objects in the main hallway using the 3-D glasses. Then, his fear took over!

As we walked down the dark alleys full with glow in the dark objects and surprising noises and 'dark creature' appearances, he finally was afraid. He stopped walking altogether until one of the attendants in Van Helsing coat showed up and gave him a 'go ahead'. ..

As we reached the main hallway of the 'haunted house' again, Ariq was already smiling and laughing again. He did like the glow in the dark objects, which I also thought were the best part of the attraction.

Ariq's mood was improved as he walked out of the toilet. The white-tiger for the night illusion performance had just arrived and parked right outside of the toilets. Many people were taking photographs, although 2 keepers kept reminding people to keep the proper distance from the tiger.

The tiger was beautiful.. and I'm really glad I managed to take 2 shots, although I'm sure, they were not perfect. I'll put the photos here, as soon as I have a chance to transfer it from my mobile phone. I also have other photos from the day, which I will post here.

Ariq fell asleep as soon as he got into the car. We drove back to the city, planning to have dinner before going home. My husband took us to IKEA, to have a look at housing furniture and equipment, and to try the Swedish food (IKEA is a Swedish company, I just found out ).

We mostly did window shopping and looking for ideas for our future home. We only bought a towel and a very cute golden retriever soft toy for my youngest son, Aza. Then we ordered our dinner. And I can make another suggestion for any of you who want to try food at IKEA stores, if they have the Poached Salmon with Chives Sauce (comes with steamed broccoli and baked potatoes) or Swedish Meatballs (comes with fries and cranberry sauce).. well, they are really nice!

Then we drove home. Not long after we arrived at home, Ariq continued his sleep. And now, I'm ready to continue mine also (I did have a snooze as soon as we arrived home, but woken up after sleeping for an hour or so).

Alright everyone.. I'll see you again soon..

Saturday, 15 March 2008

I'm in KL again..

Hi Everyone..

How are you? After postponing the original flight booking, finally Ariq and I flew to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived at KLIA airport last night (Thursday, 13 March 2008) at 10 p.m.

So far it has been a nice holiday, and Ariq is having a great time. Tonight, we had dinner at Johnny's, a Thai steamboat restaurant. The place really had nice steamboat. It is located in 1Utama Shopping Centre.

Since we arrived, it looks like that Ariq caught the cough, which disturbs his sleeps. I'm hoping he gets better tomorrow and we can enjoy this holiday as we hoped to.

I'll update you again as often as I can.

See you later.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Sambal Terasi

7 long red chillies (cut into small pieces and smoothly ground)
1 ½ teaspoons prawn paste (terasi) which is already fried with little/no oil
2 teaspoons white sugar
½ lime (squeezed) or ½ teaspoon lime juice
1 small tomato (smoothly ground) or ½ teaspoon of tomato sauce
A little bit of salt to taste

How to make:
Grind all the ingredients together
Adjust the ingredients to balance the taste
Add a little bit of warm/hot water (if preferred), or you can slightly fry the mixture

Ariq's Chocolate Pudding

1 packet of jelly powder
4 small glasses of milk (200ml glass)
10 heaped teaspoons of cooking chocolate powder (I prefer bitter chocolate)
1 small glass of sugar (200ml glass)
½ small glass or 100ml of water
Salt (just a little bit)

How to Make:
Mix all ingredients on a small fire.
Keep stirring the mixture, don’t let it boil before everything is mixed smoothly, and the liquid looks thick.
Once the liquid looks smooth and thick, let it boil once, for a little while, and then, turn the fire off.
After the fire is off, keep stirring for a little while, and pour the liquid into a pudding bowl (or any bowl intended to shape it).
Let it cool at room temperature until it is set, and then, either serve or put in the fridge (your preference).

I’m still trying to come up with a nice sauce for this pudding, so if anyone has anything to share with me, I will be more than happy to try it! Please leave a comment or send me a message. Thank you.

Quick Balado

½ kg of prawns (peeled, cut on the back and cleaned)
10cm of baby bamboo shoots (cut into small pieces, ½ cm thick, ½ circle)
2 tablespoon of onion (sliced thinly)
3 cloves of garlic
5 thin slices of ginger (just enough to get rid of prawn & bamboo shoots smell)
5 tablespoon of tomato sauce (flat)
1-2 teaspoon of chilli sauce (or according to taste) or, if KOKITA sambal balado is available, ½ a teaspoon of it will be perfect.

How to Make:
1. Heat a little bit of cooking oil in a pan on a low fire.
2. Put in the onion and fry until it is soft, then put in the garlic and fry for a little while. After that, put in the ginger, and fry to let the smell come out.
3. Put in the baby bamboo shoots, put in a little bit of salt and fry until it is soft and the salt gets into the bamboo shoots.
4. Put in the prawns, fry one side for a few minutes (until ½ cooked), and then turn the prawns and cook the other side for a few minutes.
5. Stir everything until the spices is absorbed by the prawns thoroughly.
6. Put in the tomato sauce, and mix well
7. Put in the chilli sauce, and mix well
8. Pour in a little bit of water, if the sauce looks too thick.
9. Put in a little more salt, if needed.
10. Ready to serve

Bread Pudding

5 slices of white bread (cut into small pieces) – if you want the result a bit crispy, you can try toasting the bread before you cut it into pieces.
5 slices of cheese (hand-crushed) or 125 mg cheddar cheese (grated)
1 small cup (coffee cup) of sugar (approx. 4 heaped spoonful)
2 eggs
1 litre of milk (full cream/low fat/mix)
Salt (just a little bit)

How to make:
1. Mix milk and sugar in a bowl
2. Mix in crushed cheese
3. Put the bread in and mix until soaked but still in pieces
4. Pour the mixture into a medium-large baking dish (or 2 slightly smaller ones)
3. Pre-heat the oven at medium-high for approx. 10 mins.
4. Put the mixed ingredients in the oven
5. Bake for about 1 hour
6. Let stand until solid and cooled down.

In The Drizzle

~ In The Drizzle ~


It was a drizzly evening at the airport..

A girl with a straight long hair, neatly let down with a soft-coloured scarf tied around her head. She is wearing a plain-coloured skivvy and pants. Simple, but nice. That’s how she always dresses.

The girl’s eyes are fixed on the flight schedule board. She squeezed her hands when one of the lines on the board blinks, stating that the Garuda flight from UK that evening will be half-an-hour late.

Her face shows a nervous expression, as her minds slowly wanders off to the past. A thread of her memory takes her to the day he first knew her presence..

It was one drizzly early morning on the way to school..

She was in the middle of 7th grade. She was always nice to other people, although she was not the popular type. Her appearance always looked simple, even unnoticable to some.

She was walking to school with an umbrella covering her from the rain. When she was walking passed the bus stop, that was when she saw him for the first time.

He was wearing the same uniform as she was. He was standing under the bus stop roof, trying not to get wet before arriving at school.

She didn’t know what moved her thought to walk up to him.

“Are you going to school? You can walk with me if you want.”

“Sure you don’t mind? You’re better covered by the umbrella if you’re by yourself.”

She smiled, “Ah, the school gate-keeper scares me more than this rain.”

“You’re right. Thank you so much. Some other students walked passed earlier, but I wasn’t sure to ask them.”

So, she was one of the best among the students majoring in science. She did her best in her studies and filling her spare time in the Science Club. Once a week, she joined the volleyball practice, although never really made it to the school A team.

And, he was a new student, transferring from out of town. With his almost-perfect shape and style, he instantly got admitted into the basketball A team and, following it, were the offers to hang out with the most popular people at school.

Throughout Junior High School, she never told anyone that she knew him because she wasn’t prepared for public reaction. She only talked to him when the chance appeared and nobody noticed.

The girl decides to leave the flight schedule board and walks to the nearest coffee shop, where she orders a cup of weak-long-white and a blueberry muffin. Then she sits down to have her coffee and muffin.

As she was waiting for her coffee to cool down a bit, her mind wanders off to another fraction of memory..

It was the drizzly Saturday afternoon at the zoo..

They were in the 11th grade then. They chose the same Senior High School, although that didn’t really make any changes on their situation.

A couple of hours earlier, he called her.

“My basketball training finished earlier than scheduled. Let’s go somewhere if you’re not busy.”

“I’m not busy but.. where should we go? Where can we go without risking bumping into anyone from school?”

He thought for a moment. This was exactly why he had never asked her to go out before, besides the fact that he had only had his driving licence last week.

Then suddenly, he remembered something that she mentioned the day before, “Don’t you still have that Biology project to finish?”

She wasn’t sure of what he meant, “Animal Classifications?”

“Yes, that’s the one.”

“I have to go to the zoo information centre, and probably also, the public library to find references for it.”

“That’s perfect isn’t it? Who would we bump into at the zoo?”

So, they went to the zoo. They walked around the zoo until midday and then they had a nice picnic lunch. After that, they sat in the information centre, gathering useful references for her project, until the zoo closing time.

The girl takes the last sip of her coffee, then calmly walks back to the flight schedule board. She smiles in relieve when one of the lines blinks again, stating that the Garuda flight from UK has just landed.

Her warm feeling suddenly goes cold as she recognises another girl walking fast into the airport waiting hall. The person she found out about his return from.

This other girl is much trendier than the first one. Her hair has waves that was nicely done at a hairdressing salon. She wears the latest-style blouse with a matching feminine tight-fitting jeans. She was the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad in their Senior High School, who happened to be present at the school reunion last weekend and proudly told everyone that the Captain of the Basketball Club was coming home after finishing his University studies in UK.

Following the second girl, were almost a dozen other people. His old friends from the basketball team and cheerleading squad.

Looking at this sight, the first girl feels uneasy and finally decides to leave before anyone notices her presence. She moves as calmly and casually as she can towards the exit door and continues walking to her car.

As she is walking, she remembers the school reunion she went to last weekend..

It was one drizzly Saturday, at the cafe where the students used to hang out..

She was happy to see some of her friends who were usually busy and very difficult to catch up with.

Her happiness did not last for long, though. It was cut by a sudden cheerful and confident voice from the former Captain of the Cheerleading Squad.

“Guess what, guys??? The Best-Performing Captain is coming home from UK next Saturday!!”

Another girl quickly asked her, “Are you sure? Who told you?”

“Of course I’m sure! He told me himself! You know that he always tells me everything!”

She bit her lip to keep herself from crying. She reminded herself that she always wanted the best for him. Without drawing any unnecessary attention, she said goodbye to her friends and left the reunion.

The drizzle hides her tears. All these years, she still lacks the confidence to show people how she feels about him. She is still sure that she won’t know how to react or response when someone says something that hurts her feelings.

A girl with more self-confidence and larger circle of friends can do better in showing her feelings and attentions to him, just like organising this welcoming party.

She runs to her car and drives home. This is probably why she hasn’t received any replies from him for the letter she sent last month..


It was a drizzly evening at the airport..

He takes a deep breath when the pilot announces that the flight will take slightly longer than planned due to the bad weather and they have to make a circle before it was cleared for landing.

When he takes off his summer jacket, he feels the stiff envelope inside one of the pockets. A letter that arrived at his apartment, right before he went into the taxi to the airport. He completely forgot about the letter until right now.

Reading the sender’s name, he takes another deep breath while opening the envelope. Then he starts reading with a full concentration.

Once he finishes reading the letter, he sighs. His mind goes back to a memory he never forgets..

It was one drizzly afternoon at the sports centre..

They were at the end of 10th grade. He was already a star in the basketball team, while she was a strong candidate for International Young Scientist Conference.

He saw her being circled by several students from their school, right next to his seat, where he put his sports bag. She looked a little nervous.

He heard one of the girls shouted at her, “You think just because you are among the smartest students you can try to get his attention? You can keep dreaming!”

Another girl followed, “Sneaking around, trying to get something from his bag to tell your friends that he gave it to you? If he doesn’t notice you, just back off! Don’t push your luck!”

One guy finally said, “Whatever you were trying to do, it didn’t work! So, leave now! Before I call security!”

He walked fast towards the crowd, but when he got there, she had already left.

The guy who spoke earlier pointed at his bag, “Check your bag, see if anything is missing!”

Right then, in his sports bag, he saw the spare towel and change of clothes for after the match later that day. He had put those in her backpack in the morning, on the way to school, because his own sports bag was filled with the team’s new outfit. And it turned out that he forgot to get the towel and clothes from her before he left for the sports centre.

“Everything is fine. One thing though, she never disrespects anyone, so next time, please be kind to her. At least do it for me.”

MC was calling his team to enter the field for the next match before anyone could reply to his statement and request. He left them feeling a little guilty out of their respect for him.

He never mentioned her further to public, although they spoke on the phone almost every night, only to share their ‘stories of the day’. To him, it was all his personal business, and nobody else’s.

He looks out of the plane window as the Captain announces that they are landing in a short time. This is his favourite view everytime he is on a plance, watching the ground looking larger and wider as the plance descends.

His mind quickly turns to another part of his memory..

It was the drizzly afternoon after school, in front of her house..

They were in 12th grade and it was 2 weeks before Prom Night.

“Krisna asked me to go to the Prom Night with him.”

“The President of the Science Club?”

“Yes. It looks like we’ll be presenting the International Young Scientists Award to the Principal.

“Well, everyone in the Basketball Club kind of expecting me to go with Meyra.”

“The Captain of the Basketball Club and the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad. The two of you would be expected to do the opening dance.”

He nodded, “Something like that.”

She smiled, “I’ll say yes to Krisna then.”

As always, school events, even the Prom Night, were only compulsory duties, especially for him. Their appearances were always as expected by the public.

It was always when they were outside school life felt bright and cheerful without any invisible lines separating them.

He gives a relieved sigh when the plane finally touches the ground and all the passengers slowly vacate their seats walking towards the plane’s exit door.

As he is walking along the airport halls, to the bagage belts, his mind wanders off again..

It was one drizzly Saturday late afternoon, at her place..

He left his house earlier, seeing the cloud was getting darker by the minute. So, he arrived at her place earlier too, before she even had the chance to get ready to go out that night.

While she was in the shower, he accidently spotted a little book laying on the 3-seater couch. A diary. She must’ve been writing in it when the door bell rang and forgot to take it back into her bedroom.

He swallowed hard, realising that he was going to do something that he was not supposed to. However, he was really tempted. So, he held the diary in his hand and started reading the last entry.

“Diary.. He asked me to go and watch a movie tonight. Of course I’m very excited and happy.

But, Diary.. I don’t know why I’m still always reluctant to show up in public places with him? Officially, we are not in high school anymore. I have been accepted in the National University, and he is soon flying off to UK to do his university studies.

I don’t know whether it is still because I don’t feel confident whenever I’m thinking about what people may say when they see him with me, or just because I always feel more comfortable when I’m just alone with him? .. I really don’t know..

We will be apart for five years now.. I hope our feelings won’t change when the five years are over. But, I can’t help thinking about the possibility that he may find a girl who is not afraid to face the world while standing by his side.

Do I worry too much, Diary?

But, I surely will support him in every way I can, even when we are far from each other. I always want him to be happy..”

Her writing stopped there.

He slowly closed the diary and put it back on the exact spot he found it. Then he moved to sit on one of the dining chairs, so she wouldn’t suspect anything when she found the diary again later that night..

He looks out the airport window as he is lining up for custom checking. He watches the drizzle and remembers the very last time he saw her.

It was the night of his departure to UK, and it was as drizzly as this evening..

He had said farewell to all his friends the night before at a little party he held at a popular cafe. She came briefly to give him her farewell present, a formal tie and socks, things that he didn’t consider he would need during university life.

That night of his departure, only his parents and her, seeing him off at the airport. Not many words were said, as time was pressing and the busy and noisy surrounding was not at all helping.

Her final words kept ringing in his ears, “Everything that happens in the future is for the best. And that’s what I always wish for you.. all the best in your life, in everything you do.”

He walks out of the custom area to the airport waiting hall. There were his friends, holding a big banner saying ‘Welcome Home’ while shouting cheerfully to greet him.

He greets them back one-by-one. Then, they took him to a little 24-hour cafe for a quick welcoming party.


It is now already nearly midnight.. and still drizzly..

She opens her eyes when she hears knocking on her bedroom door. Her mother asks her to come downstairs for something urgent.

She agrees without thinking. Still half asleep, she walks down the stairs and she stands still once she recognises the person standing a few steps across from her.

He smiles and waves ‘hi’ to her.

She covers her face with both hands, as tears slowly falling from her eyes following the warm feelings in her heart.

“You told Meyra, but you didn’t tell me that you were coming home tonight! I went to the airport but there were so many of them there, waiting to welcome you home with a big banner ready to be opened. So, I decided to go home.”

“You went to the airport to see me?”

She nods.

Unexpected by her, his face turns slightly red, “Thank you. I didn’t tell you I was coming home tonight on purpose. Because I wanted to surprise you. I have asked my parents to have our family night out tomorrow, instead of tonight, because tonight, I want to see you, although I can’t stay long.”

“You didn’t reply my last letter..”

He sighs, “It arrived late. I received it right before I left for the airport.”

She looks at him as he is walking towards her, “Your friends were there for your arrival.”

He smiles, “We had a quick gathering in a cafe near the airport but I’m really exhausted from the flight.”


He reaches both her hands and holds them tight in his, “Meyra and the rest of them are my friends and they can miss me all they want but, the one I’ve been missing these last five years is.. You.. You wish me the best, and the best thing in my life is.. You..”

As the rain falls heavier, his voice sounds like a whisper, “We are who we are, and we’re happiest when we’re together. Noone can change that!”

She is now completely lost for words. More tears are falling down her cheeks, and this time the drizzle cannot hide them. It doesn’t matter, though.. because this time, she cries out of happiness..

--- --- ---

by: Indri Hutapea (05-08 March 2008)

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