Monday, 5 December 2005

When Ariq Had Too Much of His Favourites..

Too Much Iced Banana Milk and Roast Chicken with Lemongrass

Ariq woke up at 10.00 am and at 12.00 he asked for rice with fried egg.. nothing special.. I made him the brunch he asked, and he finished his meal quickly.. As usual. Then, I gave him his cold syrup (he has a little runny nose, as the weather went cold in a sudden, during the last few days).. and made him 250ml of his favourite chocolate milk!

He drank his milk while watching his favourite ‘Beep The Bus’ VCD from Dancow.. While watching me washing the dishes, he took out a banana milk from the fridge and started drinking it.

Later in the afternoon, I offered him the stir-fry vegetable and noodle, but he was still a bit full from his previous meal and didn’t eat much of the stir-fry. He asked for another bottle of milk and I made him a bottle of plain milk and get him to go to bed for his afternoon nap.

Ahmad came home with a serving of take-away spaghetti marinara, while Ariq and I were still asleep. Once we were up, I heated up the spaghetti and prepared the spices for the roast chicken.. Ahmad’s and Ariq’s favourite..

Only 3 whole chicken legs left in the fridge (I chose the spaghetti for myself, so that Ahmad can have 2 and Ariq & I can share one). In only 20 minutes, my Roast Chicken with lemongrass was ready to serve.

Ahmad quickly served himself with 1 whole-leg of chicken and rice, while Ariq and I are sharing the spaghetti marinara (it turned out that Ariq ate most of it!!)

When Ahmad finished his first serving, he put some rice on another plate and 1 whole-leg of chicken for Ariq, and he brought the plate to me. I started feeding Ariq the rice and chicken (thinking that Ariq would only finish half of the rice and chicken, having already eaten more than half of my spaghetti)..

Turned out that I was WRONG!! Ariq finished all the rice and almost all of the chicken! Then, I gave him his cold syrup and made him a bottle of chocolate milk. Pretty quickly, he finished his chocolate milk..

Ariq then went to the kitchen again, and got himself another banana milk and finished it quickly. After that, he asked for another serving of milk to get him to sleep. Not having any other choices, I made him half-a-bottle of plain milk, just to get him to sleep.

Finally he did go to sleep..

Around midnight, Ariq screamed and cried very loudly.. He was very angry because he peed in his pants and didn’t realise it until it was too late!! He got even more angry because he just realise how full his tummy was after all what he ate that night!! Some of the food just refused to stay in his tummy.. so.. out it went.. on Ahmad’s side of the bed!!

Ahmad decided to move to the other bedroom.. and I asked Ariq to go with Ahmad, but he refused! He chose to sleep in the TV room instead! Well, nothing new.. he sometimes chooses to sleep there anyway.. So, I let him sleep there.

After I finished cleaning up the bedroom from the mess, Ariq called me to stay with him in the TV room.. so I did! It turned out that he couldn’t go back to sleep and wanted to watch ‘Beep The Bus’ instead. So I put the vcd on for him.

Uuugghh.. everytime, the vcd stopped, Ariq asked me to restart it again. I kept falling asleep and waking up every hour..

The next time I woke up it was around 4.00 or 5.00 am. I realised that Ariq was using my leg as his pillow, so I called him to move back to the where he was.. But he refused.. Not long after, he slid down from the bed and told me that he wanted to pee. So, I told him to go to the toilet.

He looked a bit annoyed and said to me that he HAD peed.. I was a bit confused and touched his pants and.. I realised what he meant!! He had peed in his pants again!! For the second time that night!!! I touched the place of the couch where he was laying down, and it was WET!

I said to Ariq to fetch a clean pair of pants, but he said he wanted to pee.. So I said to him, to go to the toilet, and then fetch a clean pair of pants.. and he did! After he put on the clean pants, he moved to the clean couch to continue sleeping, and I chose to move to the other bedroom, where Ahmad was..

Finally.. I could get some shut eye..

At around 8.00 am, Ariq came in to the bedroom and asked for a bottle of chocolate milk, so I made him a bottle. He snuggled in the middle of the bed with his chocolate milk, and fell asleep right away..

At around 9.00 am, Ahmad was ready to go to work, while Ariq and I are still asleep. Ahmad was a bit confused looking at us.. so I told him what happened during that night! I got up not long after Ahmad left for work, but Ariq was still asleep quietly..

I quickly cleaned up the house, put the wet bed set under the sun, and washed the dirty bedsheet, pillowcases and clothes.. and hang them to dry..

Finally, the little Prince woke up at 12.00 midday and quickly pointed his fingers at the washing on the washing line.. As he was grinning, I asked him to promise not to drink cold banana milk at night before going to bed, and not to have TOO MUCH dinner, even if I cook his favourite dishes.. He happily said that he promised!

Pheeww.. this is what happened, when Ariq had too much cold banana milk and roast chicken!!!

Just one of those days… :-)

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