Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cross-Posting (Multiply-Blogspot) Problem

I cannot believe that it has been a year since the last time I wrote in this blog!
Of course, I still write in my other blogs, but this blog is meant to be my landing page, and I have been neglecting it! It is definitely unacceptable!


Lately, I've been posting to my blogs from my 'Multiply' account, in my attempt to centralize my cyber-world. However, it turned out that all the photos that I uploaded on 'Multiply', are only linked to my blogspot blogs, whenever I cross-post. The photos are not actually copied and pasted. Therefore, whenever 'Multiply' is offline (for routine maintenance, for example), the photos are not visible in my blogspot blogs!


There you go.. I'm learning the hard way again...

I guess, I really have to keep reminding myself to be consistent to upload my photos into 'Picasa' and work on all my photos from there.. I suppose by doing that, I can lighten the burden of my computer memory too.. :-)

Well, for now, please click on one of the links to my other blogs, above, to keep up with my news..

I'll see you again next time.. and I hope you have a nice day.. :-)

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